Milk-almond, Oat Milk, soy, lactose free, Decaf        extra 50c

Shots of coffee                                extra 50c

Syrups - vanilla, caramel    extra 50c

Upgrade to a mug                            $1.00

    Cappuccino   $4.90
    Latte   $4.90
    Flat White   $4.90
    Long Black   $4.90
    Espresso   $4.90
    Mocha   $4.90
    Signature Lindt Hot Chocolate   $6.50
    Chai Latte   $6.20
Iced Drinks

Extra shot of coffee - 50c
Lactose free, soy or almond milk - 50c
Shots of syrup - 50c
(vanilla, caramel)

    Milkshakes   $8.00

Chocolate, vanilla, caramel, strawberry, lime and banana

    Iced Drinks   $8.50

served with Cream and Ice Cream, Chocolate, Coffee

    Kid's Milkshake size   $5.00
    Iced Latte   $6.50
  Your choice of milk and ice